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Winning In Sports & Education Youth Basketball Rules and Policies- Draft Teams

(Updated 5/2023 )



Unless modified by these rules, the League will follow the rules of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). A special note that rules regarding team jersey numbers applies to this league.


The Winning In Sports and Education Basketball League will hereinafter referred to as W.I.S.E. or League.


1. Game Timing: 8U division will have two 16‐minute halves. 11U,13U, and 15/16U divisions will have two 18-minutes halves with a running clock. The last two‐minutes of 2nd half, the clock shall stop on all dead ball situations. The league director only has the option to enforce change of the time for warm ups and half time to get games caught up. If there is more than a twenty point spread in a game, the clock will continue to run. Half time is 3 minutes.


Overtime: There will be one 3‐minute overtime in all games ending in a tie with each team receiving one time out for the overtime (teams may not carry‐over any timeouts). The clock will stop for all dead ball situations during overtime. Double Overtime: Games will be decided by sudden death, meaning the team who scores the first point (does not have to be a basket, it can be a free throw) will have won the game. Again, teams will be awarded one time out with no carry‐overs.


The league will guarantee 6 games with 1 additional single elimination playoff game (every team makes the playoff).

2. Fouls: Each player is allowed 5, team fouls will go to double bonus on the 10th team foul (in double bonus team shoots 2 foul shots and retains possession). Technical Fouls/Intentional Fouls/Flagrant Fouls: will take 2 free throw shots to the other team along with possession of the ball. Any individual given a second technical foul will be removed from the gym. That individual will receive a one game suspension for their next scheduled game


3. Time‐Outs: Each team has (3) 30‐second time‐outs per game. Overtime Time-Outs: Each team is given one time out for every overtime, no carry‐overs.


4. Restrictions: All defenses and offenses are allowed. However, for 8U and 11U divisions coaches need to pull their full court or half court press if ahead by 20 points or more.  Furthermore, if team is ahead by 20 points or more, the team must play either man-to-man or zone defense. All trapping defenses are considered a press, either half court or full court.  8U division also may not implement a full or half court press if ahead by 10 points or more.  Likewise, if 8U team is ahead by 10 points or more, the team must play either man-to-man or zone defense. All trapping defenses are considered a press, either half court or full court.


5. Playing Time Fairness ‐ 60/40 Philosophy: If listed on the roster and dressed to play (unless injured or suspended from playing), every player must play in every game. W.I.S.E. adopts a 60/40 playing rule suggests that all players receive between 40% to 60% of the playing time in each game. Please rotate your players according to our playing time fairness philosophy.  During playoffs coaches are encouraged to play all players but it is not required.


6. Timekeepers and Scorekeepers: Each team will be required to provide one per game. Home team keeps the scorebook at the designated location, and the visiting team operates the clock/scoreboard. Please plan ahead as children are not encouraged to handle either of these responsibilities.


7. Game Ball: Will be provided by the league.


8. Game Shirts must be worn at every game.  Any player without an official league shirt at the time of their game will be penalized with a technical foul.  The other team will be awarded 2 free shots and 1st possession.  In the event that both teams have any players without their official league shirt at the time of the game, both teams will be penalized with technical fouls and both teams will do a jump ball. 


9. If necessary, W.I.S.E. reserves the rights to modify these rules at any time to assure the best possible experience for the youth.


10. Once league begins, the league commissioner is empowered to operate the league within the rules of the program and in accordance with the Laurel Parks and Recreation Department’s operating practices.



1. The League Commissioner will secure a contract for competent game officials utilizing local Board of Officials.


2. Game Official judgment calls are final.


3. League fees will cover the cost of game officials, gym use during league play and during specified times as outlined by league commissioner, team shirts and administration.



1. There is NO fee for spectators at regular season games.  W.I.S.E. encourages all teams to invite all friends and families to enjoy the games.


2. Special Event Fees: There will be a nominal front door fee for any special event.  Please view the league website for special event information. 



1. Teams will be broken into teams by a league draft. Coaches will draft their own teams. The draft will be a serpentine draft. All coaches will have their children automatically placed on their team. The draft order will be picked from a hat. Team placement on the schedule will also be drawn from a hat.


2. Contact League Commissioner:  Teams must contact the league commissioner in writing to request a change. An extraordinary situation must be present for changes to be considered and/or approved by the league commissioner after the roster closed period, which is by the first regular season game.  Parents/guardians may be subject to an administration fee if they elect to leave the league after two weeks into the league.  ABSOLUTELY NO ROSTER CHANGES WILL BE MADE IN THE POST SEASON.


1. Coaches, parents and fans are expected to create a team environment in which primary emphasis is placed upon the emotional and physical well‐being and skill improvement of the players, rather than winning. Coaches, parents and fans should lead by example and demonstrate the value of fair play and sportsmanship to all participants.  Disrespect, cursing, obscene language, any negativity at any regular season game will NEVER be tolerated and may result in a technical foul to the team.


2. Poor Behavior: Further poor behavior by any teams, players, parents, coaches and spectators at anytime in the facility may result in the team, coach, or player being suspended from the next game.  Extremely poor behavior by anyone may result in being banned from entering the facility. Failure to leave the area when requested may result in immediate termination and possible forfeiture of the game.



The Winning In Sports and Education (W.I.S.E.) is an age-based program. Any student athlete older than the posted dates, W.I.S.E feels would benefit most by playing with players their own age. Listed below are the age relationships.


A player’s age is determined by birthday prior to July 1, 2023

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