the wise intercounty

basketball tournament

WISE InterCounty Tournament Rules - PLEASE READ! 

WISE InterCounty Basketball Tournament Rules


This tournament is a one-day tournament in the format of one game elimination tournament with awards given for champion teams in all divisions. There will be three (3) divisions for 14U, 11U and 8U.


Players may play up a division, but not down. It is strongly preferred that all team members are from the same organization. Teams must have numbered uniforms or shirts.


Entry deadline is March 14, 2019 for payment and rosters. No registration payment will be taken at the door.


Brackets will be posted by early March 15, 2019. No late entries will be accepted.


Admission prices: Adults $5, under 5 free.


Rules and Guidelines:


**All games will be played according to the MPSSAA rules except where modified**

-        28.5" size ball will be used for 8U division. 29.5" for all other division. League will provide game ball.


-        There will be no full court pressing for 8U until the 2 minutes of 2nd half. All other divisions all defenses allowed.


-        No team is allowed to full court press if they are ahead by 20 or more points.


-        The 8U teams will be allowed an extra foot on free throw and can jump over the offical foul line after releasing the ball, not the extended foul line.


-        Games will consist of two 18-minute halves with a running clock. The clock will only stop for time-outs and injuries until the last two (2) minutes of each half when it stops for all whistles.


-        Each team is allowed three full time outs per game. No carry-overs. One Additional time out will be given in overtime.


-        There will be three minutes for half time. Subject to change if games fall behind.


-        Every overtime period will be three minutes long with the clock stopping for every whistle during the last two minutes.


-        Team rosters must be submitted and only those on the roster are eligible to play. A player can only be on one roster.


-        Please bring your own basketballs for warm-up. Basketballs will not be provided by the program for warm-ups.


-        W.I.S.E., Laurel Parks and Recreation, City of Laurel or any tourney official shall not be held responsible for personal injury to any player or person or loss of individual team property during this tournament.


-        Good sportsmanship is mandatory by the spectators and the kids playing basketball. If any inappropriate behavior is observed, you will be asked to leave the premises.


-        Awards will be given to the winning team.


-        Games will be played as close to scheduled times as possible but will continue as completed. Be at your court 20 minutes prior to your game.


-        Thank you and have fun!!!